Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Down syndrome makes you:

Today we celebrate 3:21 - World Down syndrome Day. 

In honor of the day, I want to share a few things our family has learned about Down syndrome since having Ella.

 It makes you silly:

It makes you annoyed at your mom for taking pictures:

It makes you messy:

It makes you learn how to use a cell phone at an early age:

It makes you a NY Giants Fan:

It makes you a golfer:

It makes you grumpy in Christmas pictures:

It makes you a lion:

It makes you raise tons of money (10K!) for others with Down syndrome:

It makes you the boss of two big brothers:

It makes you cute:

We have also learned it makes you adorable, feisty, stubborn, lovable, huggable, moody and sometimes it makes your parents very tired of running around after you.

It makes you just like every other two year old!


  1. Lizzy,
    That's Ella!!!
    Love the blog & photo's.
    Grandma Bridget

  2. Perfect!! I love the grumpy Christmas