Monday, October 24, 2011

Almost Halloween!

Sometimes Down syndrome Awareness Month takes a backseat to other things, like - My love for all things October.

I may have mentioned that I love October, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, fall colors at the cabin, skinny jeans in boots, cool nights outside with the boys and Halloween. The problem is that I am a major procrastinator. Most of October bodes well for procrastinating, but Halloween - not so much. When they meet you wind up spending 100.00 in candy at Walgreens because everywhere else is sold out the hour before trick or treating starts and your kid’s costumes are missing the little touches that make them the cool costumes.

I swore on September 15th that this year would be different. I would buy the candy the minute it hit the shelves at Target and the kids costumes would be kick ass, pre-planned homemade marvels that would make the other moms sweat with jealousy (you can still sweat in Arizona in October). Well, the candy is bought, but the costumes, umm, I don't think any neighborhood moms need to lose sleep over our homemade marvels quite yet... Ryan wants to be a Zombie and Reed wants to be Frankenstein. Not hard, you think? Even when I don't procrastinate, I still lack the creative gene that would make costume making fun and / or easy. As the days tick MUCH closer to Halloween, I am thinking that we might have another Target Superhero year coming up. I can't get the screws to stick to Reed's neck for the full Frankenstein effect and I have never actually seen a Zombie but Google seems to have every range of Zombie you can think of, from Referee Zombie to Princess Zombie, anything can be a Zombie and this just complicates matters. Does he be a real estate zombie as an ode to mom and dad or do we go high class and make him the doctor zombie? So many options, even he doesn’t know what to be.

At some point in the last 24 hours, I realized I was so caught up in making the boys costumes (that was a total lie, I am more caught up in googling what I can buy to make it look like I made their costumes) that I forgot Ella has no costume. Crap. What to make the adorable little girl. Mike likes pumpkin, Super nanny likes Goth Cheerleader (she's really pregnant, we have to cut her some slack) and I like parrot Ella (she has a really good squawking noise that would go perfect..). No one can agree. Ella doesn't appear to have any interest in anything that uses her head as an apparatus to hold a beak or stem, so Goth Cheerleader would be the front runner, but I can see her Grandma's refusing to take her picture and blaming me for lack of quality Halloween 2011 memories, so all 3 of those ideas are out. I have no quality ideas, I have less than a week to go and my vision of being the Martha Stewart of October has firmly gone out the window. Again. Ella is going to end up being the darn cow costume Target has for sale each year. I can feel it...

What have I been doing with my time since I am not sewing and painting costumes? I have spent a considerable amount of time learning how to infuse cupcakes with alcohol to make the adult Halloween much better. Crafting Zombie costumes only serves a purpose once a year, but making margarita cupcakes is a year round useful skill that can make you friends who can sew zombie costumes. Just saying... Plus, if I run out of overly marked up candy, I can peddle the cupcakes to the adults who come to the door pretending that I don’t notice they are 45 and holding a pillow case saying trick or treat for the 3 tootsie rolls I am about to bestow upon them (this happens, and it is weird and I like to tell them no, but Mike gets mad, so they always get 3 tootsie rolls, no more, no less).

So, this is how we are celebrating Halloween. Target costumes, over priced candy and Kahlua cupcakes. A wonderful trio of procrastination and perfection that is repeated each year, no matter what I say in September.

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  1. lol...I despise Halloween, always have, always will! And really, in today's day and age do we really want to be sending our kids door to door begging strangers for candy!!! Especially considering about 90% of kids these days are overweight to begin with? Ok, ok, I really hate Halloween because I am not a crafty Mom who can whip up a creative costume no matter how many months I have to prepare!! Haha