Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So... It has been, what, 3 + months since my last blog post? Wow... Time really does go by very quickly because I swear just yesterday I was sitting down to tell all my blog reading friends about this:
Umm, get this damn chicken away from me...
and now, we are 3 months past that and I need to tell all my blog reading friends about this:
Yeah, I eat solid food now...

And I don't know how to stuff all of the last three months into one little blog post or how to explain why I have been missing, and I don't know that it matters. What does matter is that I took a break from blogging, missed it terribly, developed an ulcer and well, now, I am back.

So.... These last three months have not been without stress. First.. We had a birthday... not just a normal birthday, but a birthday that included llamas and hay and barns and chickens and a lot of work and planning and without Supernanny and SuperHeather wouldn't of happened (SuperHeather works for me and besides being my mini me is also really good at all things creative). Ella had a great first birthday. She had a custom cake made by Supernanny:

She had a custom decorations made by SuperHeather:

And she had llama's:

Ella is one lucky girl, she had an amazing first birthday and we learned we can't buy Ella a Llama or a semi creepy Tweety bird looking cake without faces like these:

We know that she is surrounded by people who love her and want Ella to be happy (and gave up weekends and everything else to make sure she had the best first birthday every)
Ella and Supernanny Roxie 
Ella and SuperHeather

True, my thank you's are ummm - about 4 months late (how bad is it that they are all printed and I just need to address and mail them) but they will make it out by her next birthday, I swear! Oh, and if Reed asks, please tell him that his first birthday was just as amazing. I don't have time for a middle child complex right now.

Right after her birthday came Ella's first true sickness that put her in the hospital for 2 nights.  Talk about awful:

We are lucky with Ella in that she doesn't have any heart conditions or other medical issues that so many little kids with Down syndrome have, so this hospital thing was new to us and something I never, ever want to do again. My heart aches for the little ones who spend to much of their lives in hospitals, we had enough after 2 days, I can't imagine how hard it is for families that have this as a normal routine.

After the birthday and the hospital came moving. Oh, wait... After the birthday and hospital came Supernanny telling us that she is pregnant... Which is wonderful, we love Roxie. She is amazing and when I heard she was expecting, I was 1. happy for her 2. terrified we would lose her. Roxie tells me she will work once the baby comes and I hope she does. The attachment Ella has to Roxie and Roxie's commitment to Ella is amazing. Being a working mom means I have to be OK seeing my kids prefer someone else over me at times and I have to know that those big "milestones" will most likely be hit when I am sitting at my desk across town.  Roxie makes this all OK.  In fact, if Ella hits a milestone when Roxie isn't there, it would seem weird.  Roxie is such a part of Ella's life that I can't imagine her not there to see Ella walk or talk or start preschool. I am a little excited to have a baby around again though and know that I don't have to wake up at night to feed it!

Then we moved.

Yeah, we seem to move a lot. Since Mike and I have been together (15 years now) we have owned 3 houses, rented 5 and lived with our parents twice.  I seem to have an aversion to settling down, but after this last move, I swear that I will never move again and if I do, I am starting over with all new stuff because it is just to hard to move past the age of 26. My body ached for a month! We had amazing help from the Supergrandma's and without them we would of left half our crap in the old house and just made do with 5 plates and some toilet paper (I hate packing).

We are all settled into the new house and so happy to be back by our friends and to have amazing neighbors! In the old house my kids went 2 years without playing with any neighborhood kids, so to be able to set this up:

and know that there are kids around that will play on it with my monsters is amazing. It's sad that the old neighborhood (while very nice) was so isolated. At the new house, we can't keep the boys inside and it is wonderful for them to socialize with other kids and ride bikes and just do boy things (although Ryan told me tonight that one of the neighbor boys has a cell phone and now he wants one).

Ella has been doing amazing with her therapies and is - if you ask me - progressing wonderfully. She is getting stronger on her legs, starting to stand more on her own and is just an amazing baby. She wrestles with her brothers (and knows just when to stop to pose for the camera):

n the last 3 month, we have had our share of crying, missed milestones and internet searching for advice on how to get your stubborn child to use a sippy cup but for the most part, we have just been busy raising three amazing kids:

I think that somewhat catches you all up. We can now return to regularly scheduled blog posts about all things Ella.

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