Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Already February...

It is already well into February.  I think of February as the last month I have to pull myself together before spring and shorts and bathing suits and such. I tend to always say - February is the month I will make sure I stick to my workout plan, eat well, self tan and be one hot Momma by March - but then, it gets to be February 8th, Superbowl just passed, I ate one to many cupcakes, there was a sale at Costco on wine and well, I start thinking that March is for getting in shape, I mean, who wears bathing suits in Arizona till April, right?

So, as I sit here with my wine and cupcake, I try to think back to all that has happened in the few weeks..

If I remember correctly, I turned 31.  Not as bad as turning 30 on bedrest but not as good as turning 24 in Vegas.  I made it through a tough year 30 and feel that I can pretty much conquer anything after last year. Having Ella by my side at a great dinner with family made turning 31 much better.  She even let me feed her a few bites of frosting and kept her bow on all dinner.

Ignore my red face, darn wine...

I also spent a lot of January chasing around an army crawling baby who feels that it is totally normal to leave her leg like this:

Umm, yeah, see her leg right there by her hand.  Not good. I know she is super flexible, but still! I say the words "Ella, fix your legs" more than I say anything else.

And then we go from forgetting to "fix your leg" to looking like a teenager:

The Vans were totally unnecessary, but when I saw them in Coronado, I knew her favorite person in the world, Roxie, would love them and I couldn't say no.

Roxie also loves flowers and bows and let me tell you, I need Roxie around to make sure Ella has outfits like this:

Having 2 boys before Ella Bella means I am not so good at the "girly" stuff, but Roxie (supernanny) is very good at making sure Ella is the best dressed baby in Gilbert.  I rush in the door at night just to see what outfit she will have her in.  I LOVE it!

I also got to annoy Ella to no ends to try to get a picture to send to her Grandpa in California. I begged her for a smile, but all I got was:

This would be Ella's "leave me alone NOW" face.

The best part of the last 3 weeks that I haven't been blogging....

Ella put weight on her legs and is able to stand (supported by us or the couch or the amazing Tess) for a short period of time.  In fact, in the last few weeks, each night Ella and I have a dance session where she stands and we "dance" to the radio and sing together. It pretty much takes the fact that it is well into February and I haven't yet started my working out and tells it to stick it.  I can be skinny any month, I only have now to enjoy dancing Ella Bella.

So, that has been my past 3 weeks. I have also worked my butt off, been sick, decided I am so fed up with our local DS "network" that I am going to revolt and start my own, went to an assembly where Reed got an award and managed to not get one good picture and get my hair done finally (you know it's bad when the 4 year old notices the gray).

I am moving on to a new project. Ella's party.  I wanted pony's and unicorns and giant sand castles. She is getting pretty darn close to it.  We are having a Farm party for Ella. Petting Zoo, crafts, games, if it's on a farm, we have it going on.  I have never taken on a party quite so daunting and to think we are less than 2 weeks away and I have a crap ton to still do is pretty darn awesome (but true to my procrastinating self). I pray that the boys don't ask to see pictures of their awesome 1st birthdays. I can assure you there were no baby bunnys or pigs, just mom, dad and some cake and while they were nice, I am not sure you can beat the Alpaca exhibit Ella is having...

Off to see if I can locate a tractor for an authentic tractor ride station...

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  1. so we are friends on facebook and i saw your adorable pictures of little ella there...and had to find your fun blog! anyway...i have a little less than a month older than ella! i love finding parents with kids around the same age! It's great to "meet" you.