Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome back ear infections!

I had a blissful 9 months without you. No runny noses, no eyes full of puss, no hearing issues, no fevers, no sleepless nights.  You just couldn't stay away though, could you? You figured since Reed finally got tubes in his ears and Ryan was too old to bother with, you would plant yourself in my little girl's ears and not go away.  I don't like you and this time, I will rid ourselves of you much quicker!

Do I sound mean? I hope so! Poor Ella is now under the spell of the ear infection bug that bit Reed and wouldn't go away until we got tubes in his ears. I think we are heading down the same path with her. This time though I will not wait 3 years (not my idea to wait, his doctor didn't think he needed tubes, we switched doctors and he recommended tubes ASAP) I will do it the minute her doctor tells us we need it. I don't want to sacrifice one minute of her hearing because of ear infections.  I have seen what waiting has done to Reed's speech and I don't want to put Ella through that. So, tubes may be in our immediate future for her.

For now though we have one sick little girl.  Double ear infection and just overall not a happy camper.  Normally when a kid is sick, it isn't a huge deal, they lay on the couch, sleep a lot and get better in a few days.  The problem with Ella is that she gets so sick that we have a week of miserable Ella. That means she won't cooperate with her therapy (she has mastered the pouty lip and sad face to get out of therapy), she won't eat, she throws up (I would like to give a big shout out to myself for catching an entire stomach full of throw up in one bib, not a drop anywhere else, I am a master thank you very much) she is just so pitiful you want to cry for her!

The other annoying thing about ear infections.  They show themselves at midnight on a Friday. Yep. We can't wait till Monday to see her normal dr. so here I am schlepping Ella to the Urgent Care first thing Saturday AM (and missing Reed's football game - it's always a trade off isn't it) to get more antibiotics.  Then, I get to go home and wrestle Princess Determined to get her to take the antibiotic. I love the weekends! Did I mention the Urgent Care took 2 hours? Did I mention that Ella decided to take that 2 hour time frame to excercise her vocal cords the entire time? Did I mention that I hate ear infections?

Ms. Ella is now napping, Reed is reliving his football game for me and I swear I smell Fall in the air. I must go enjoy the moment!

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  1. Russell never had any ear infections before this, but in the past month he has had two back to back...It sucks. I think tubes are in our near future as well...but if it helps in the long run, I'm ok with that!
    Hope your kids feel better soon :)