Monday, October 4, 2010

Did you really just write that?

I know, I didn't blog yesterday.  Day 3 and I already couldn't do it...  BUT... I have a good reason. It was Sunday.  Sunday is football, kids, hanging out, relaxing and cramming all the homework, laundry, house cleaning I didn't get done on Saturday - day.. Let me tell you, I have a lot of procrastinating I have to make up for on Sundays.

Just when I thought I wouldn't have a single thing to say in my blog, I get a comment on my facebook wall about my blog that inspires me to post.  I love comments, usually they are uplifting or thought provoking.  This one? It was - very uncalled for -.

Without posting the entire rambling wall post, I can tell you it said that my blog was "such a sad story" and that if I researched vitamins and minerals a little more, I could be like a mom on You Tube who "began making a shake type mix every morning with all of the Vitamins/minerals she had researched and fed it to her child" and that "Within 9 months it was truly amazing how the child's entire face looked so different (more normal of course)."

Umm, excuse me, did you just post on Facebook that I could give my child a shake to make her face look more normal? More normal? Does that seem appropriate?  No, sure doesn't. 

First thought that went through my head - This person must have no children.  No human being on earth who has children would ever tell another parent how to make their child's face more normal looking.   Most people without children wouldn't say it either, but if your child is your pet cat, I am assuming you have more leeway when talking to other cat moms about how your cat kids look..  You don't have that same leeway with mothers of human children.  We don't take kindly to advice on how to make their faces more normal.  Down syndrome or no syndrome, us parents tend to think our kids faces are normal and if we don't think they are, the last thing we want is some facebook friend schilling out advice on a miracle shake to fix their odd looking heads.

My second thought after her post - Ella would be so mad if she could read...
Ella's mad face

Third thought - F- you and your normal looking cat children.

Fourth thought - She must be drunk (the post was pretty rambling and she didn't even realize the blog was about me and my family)

Fifth thought - I should really respond to her and let her know that the post wasn't cool.  We don't say those things about kids (or adults) because it isn't necessary. If you want to peddle your holistic medicine beliefs, go ahead but leave out the rude assumptions that I would be doing it to change the way my daughter looks.

So, I did respond and guess what, she immediately removed the post.  I personally would have preferred the post stayed as I would of loved all of our mutual friends to see what a crazy, insensitive post it was, but in Facebook world we have the option of undoing our doings, so... It is gone. Gone from Facebook is one thing, gone from my mind, that's another.

Let's see if she ever gets through the doors of my office again.....

On another note, today my assistant gave his 2 week notice.  I am happy for him, he is going off to pursue his dream career in music and ministry.  I am now though back in the one place I don't like to be, interviewing.  If you or anyone you know is looking to work for 2 very smart chicks let me know. :)

k - have to go. Tomorrow I want to post a link I found to a really cool Ballet studio in Boston and another link about a young man with Down syndrome holding down a pretty awesome job. 

Till tomorrow friends, till tomorrow.


  1. Liz: The woman clearly has problems of her own. And, Ella looks perfect, beautiful, darling and WONDERFUL!

  2. WOW! I would have been SO pissed if I had seen that comment...and on your wall no less!!! Seriously some people are just so ignorant!!
    Obviously she hadnt seen a picture of Ella before...Because Ella is BEAUTIFUL and perfect!! I hate reading about any types of vitamins/drinks/pills, medicans, surgerys, that claim to be able to make my child "normal"...My child IS normal...and PERFECT...and our stories are NOT "sad"

  3. I love your writing style- the humor you throw in with the serious stuff. Thanks for sharing!!