Thursday, September 30, 2010

October is...

Cooler weather
Fall break for the boys
Columbus Day
Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Oh, wait, were you shocked by the fact that I was actually posting and didn't read the list above? (I know, 2 1/2 weeks without a post is a long time in blogging world) Let me repeat the list...

October is:

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Yes, I think that out of the entire list, the only thing that really matters is that Ella Bella has an entire month dedicated to raising awareness for Down syndrome. That rocks.  We need more awareness. Not just for the general public but for us, her family as well. Here in Ella Bella world, we get so caught up in how adorable she is, we tend to forget that we need to focus on our sign language lessons with her, our reading on her development, our commitment to the Down syndrome community. October is her month. October is my month to get my goals on track.

I also decided that I am committing to 31 for 21. 31 days of blogging for Trisomy 21.  I am going to do it. I am not alone, there are lots of great parents who are doing it and well, I am sure you all can't wait to see what I have to blog about for 31 days straight.  On day 20, you might read about what I made for dinner and who I flipped off while driving, but this 31 for 21 thing is a real mission that has been going on for many years and I want to be part of it, so starting tomorrow, it's on.

I had a really good blog for tonight, but like any good business person, I need to make sure I deliver on my 31 for 21 pledge, so I will see you tomorrow on day 1 with my really good post! :)

Share my blog, let people know that for the next 31 days I will be posting everyday. Tell them that Ella is cute. :)



  1. I agree that we do get caught up in how adorable is!!!!
    Please count me in on learning sign language this month.
    Are we doing the buddy walk for Down Syndrome?
    What can I do this month to help you and your commitment to the Down Syndrome community?
    I look forward to reading 31 days of blogs about Ella Bella and Down Syndrome.

  2. I am taking the challenge too! Had to laugh when you said near the end you might post about dinner or who you flipped off that day, ha ha, thats what my posts may sound like by the end of the month too! I look forward to reading all about Ella this month!