Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To my oldest...

Yesterday you turned seven. It doesn't really seem possible. I don't know how you got to be seven and how the years flew by so fast. It seems like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital and both mommy and daddy took turns staying awake for 4 days straight just so we could make sure you wouldn't spontaneously combust on us. You were our little first born. So long and skinny, no clothes would fit your lanky baby frame. 

There is a special place in a mom's heart for their first born and you have no idea how special that place is for me.  I won't ever forget any of your firsts. Your first bath (scary for mom, you screamed), your first steps (way to late if you ask the baby books), your first car trip (to see Grandpa Jeff in California), your first day of school (your backpack was bigger than you!). I won't forget how you are growing up to be a wonderful little man who worries about everything and questions everything and cares more about his little sister than anything else in this world.

I love sitting with you on the couch and reading our big book of answers. I love surfing the Internet looking for funny videos of cats and dogs. I love holding your hand because I know you don't think it's cool anymore but you do it anyways because you know I like it. I love talking to you because you are so smart and you ask such good questions. I love how you are so interested in my work and remember all the details. I love how dark your eyes are and how happy you get when we do a family movie night.  I don't ever think you will understand how much you mean to me. How I know that you are my little clone and how happy I am to have a little clone.

You might not like to cuddle, but the pictures you draw for me and your voice on the other end of the phone telling me to hurry home because you miss me are your cuddles and I cherish each one.

You made Daddy and I a family. You taught us how to love so much we thought our hearts would explode. You taught me how to be a protective mommy and when to back off and let you learn on your own. You have been a great example for your little brother. You have held my hand when I was sad with Ella and told me that she is the most awesome sister ever. You are wise beyond your years little one. You have no idea.

Your seven years here have been the best seven years of my life. I love you Ryzonimo. I love you forever and ever and then some.

Happy Birthday!

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