Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An entire month has gone by? Really?

When I started this blog, I made myself a promise that I would never go more than 5 days between updates. I did good in the beginning, then, as life has a way of doing, I got busy and the days don't just fly by, they zoom by in supersonic time. The type of zooming where I wake up and think it's only been a few days since I posted but really it's been a week and then all the sudden, it's been a month and I want to post, but the daunting task of catching up on the month gives me writers block and well, instead of posting I drink a glass of wine and go to bed....

That's not fair to Ella though. This blog is about her and will hopefully serve as a way for us to document her milestones and remind us that even though we might get frustrated or sad, overall we have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward too. I also hope that one day, this blog might help others who are taking their first steps into the new world of "special needs babies".  So, for those reasons, let's just quickly recap the last month and then get to the important stuff - Ms. Ella...  :)

In the last month I have:

Gone to Vegas
Gotten a nasty stomach bug
Nursed my 3 children and 1 husband back to health from nasty stomach bug
Spent a night in the hospital with my baby girl hoping she could survive the stomach bug
Made the biggest business decision ever
Spent a week in Denver learning how to implement said decision
Realized a nanny that quits by text because she only got an 8% raise and not a 16% raise is a nanny I can live without
Been sad that Mike's dad has been in the hospital (twice)
Been even more sad that my Grandma has transitioned from being able to be at home to being at hospice and now is spending her last days at a group home
Nursed 1 husband back to health from the stomach bug (yes, again)
Dealt with my business partner leaving me twice for a week at a time (yes, I miss her)
Learned how to fire a therapist
Learned how to love a therapist
Wished Fathers Day could have been better by my own dad not being so far away
Caught up with a long lost friend who I have neglected for way to long
Celebrated 2 birthdays

See, I have been busy. No excuse though, I know.  Ms. Ella is much more important, so for that reason, here is my goal:

I will post to this blog AT LEAST 2 times a week.

If I do that, will you promise to still read it?  If we pretend that the last month never happened and with the next post we all act like you knew how the last month has gone will it be OK? Because if so, hang on, I don't ever set a goal I can't reach...  :)

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