Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Sir Reed....

I had started a post about Reed's birthday but ran out of time to post it on his actual birthday, please excuse the tardiness of the post, yes, his birthday was Sunday, but better late than never...

To my baby boy:

As I tucked you into bed tonight and answered the millionth question of the day about cheetahs and sharks, I started to tear up. I am so sad that tomorrow you will be four. I know you don’t understand why someone would be sad about a birthday, but one day, when you are a daddy maybe you will understand.

For 3 - almost - 4 years, you have been the baby of the family and you have embraced this role with your whole heart and soul. You are my love bug that never misses a chance to snuggle with me under the covers or kiss my cheek just because. You are my strong little boy that has had 2 surgeries in your short time here and never complained about the pain. You are the little boy that questions everything and never remembers anything. You are the little brother that drives his big brother crazy but is missed terribly when you two are apart for more than an hour. You are the reason I have gray hair and the reason I know how to get marker off of anything. Your laugh is so infectious that I sometimes say silly things just to hear it. Your eyelashes are the reason you get away with everything. Your smile is the reason I rush in the door at night. Hearing you say I love you is something that will never ever get old. Holding your hand is so special to me that I hope it's still cool to hold your mamma's hand when you are 12.

As you get older, you don't need me as much and it breaks my heart. You used to get up once a night just so I could kiss you goodnight again and while I might have acted mad, I loved that you missed me that much. You used to ask me to pour you a drink or open your snack and now you do it all on your own. You used to need my help getting dressed and now, you can even match your shirt and shorts! I am so proud of how much you can do on your own, but so sad to know that soon, you won't call me mama anymore, it will be just mom and you won't hide behind me when I drop you off at school and give me 15 kisses right there in front of everyone. I am sad that my baby boy, the little 5lb preemie is growing up. I am sad but also happy. Happy that I get to do silly dances with you to country music, happy that I have a friend to color with, happy that I have a partner in crime when I want to play a trick on daddy. Happy you are becoming you but sad that each day you grow older and more independent. If I could bottle your smile, your laugh, your laid back attitude, I would. You have taught me to laugh more, smile more, look at bugs more. You have taught me that, yes, kids do get in trouble at school. You have shown me love and the worst tantrums ever. You have tested my patience like nothing else, but in the end, you have shown me that your round belly and silly smile is all I need to be happy. I just need my Reedy.

Love you baby bubbies. Love you forever and infinity and happy birthday.

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