Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy April my friends!

April is a happy month, full of sunshine, pastel colors and my baby boy's birthday.  It's the kick off to Spring and Summer and I am a warm weather girl, so I am in love with April!

We just got back from what we like to call the happiest place on earth. Not Disneyland, but Coronado, CA. I have been going to Coronado since I was about 10 or so. I am in love with the beach and the Hotel Del and the shops and the food and the jets that fly overhead and everything that is Coronado.

We always go at Easter.  I just love seeing all the flowers in bloom and helping my boys find Easter eggs on the Windsor lawn at the Del.  We couldn't wait to show it all to Ella.  She seemed rather unimpressed...

We did get to experience an earthquake while we were there and that was an adventure. I have been in one other earthquake and it pretty much scarred me for life, so this was rather traumatizing for me.  Have I mentioned I have control issues? Well, an earthquake is something you can't control. One minute, you can be sitting on a patio enjoying live music and a diet coke and the next thing you know you feel like the ground is rumbling and you wonder if the second story patio you are on is about to hit the ground.  The worst part is thinking that if the patio does collapse you will probably crush your very favorite sister in law who is is her hotel room directly below you.  No fun.  Give me a hurricane or a tornado any day, those, I can prepare for...

The trip home...Well, let's just say that we were about 2 inches from Ryan throwing up on Reed's head and for some reason Mike and I couldn't stop laughing as the whole scene played out.  I think we were exhausted and not really believing that Ryan was throwing up in the back of our new car, but it seemed pretty funny at the time.  Reed made it out OK and Ryan seemed fine too... :)

Other than that we had a great Easter and spent time at the beach and Legoland.  Ms. Ella got to experience her first theme park, first beach visit, first earthquake and first Easter all in one weekend.  We were busy bees.

Ella has entered this stage where she is more awake during the day and curious and just wants to take in everything around her. She has "cooed" a couple of times and it is so darn adorable.  I am busy at work so she has started spending some days at her Grandma's so I can focus on work again.  I miss her so much during the day and can't wait to get home to cuddle and have bath time and hang out with her. She is getting so big. 

I really don't dwell on Ella having Down syndrome these days, I tend to dwell on more important things like crushing Brigid in an earthquake or the fact that it is now hot out and I can't fit into anything but sweatpants and that sucks, but sometimes, when someone tells me how beautiful she is (which happens all the time of course!) I hold my breath and wonder if they will ask if she has Down syndrome. I don't actually think anyone would because it sure would be akward for them if they were wrong, but I wonder to myself when are people going to notice? Will they stop telling me how beautiful she is? Will they look away because they don't know what else to do? Will they whisper to their partner about how sorry they feel for us and they are glad it isn't their baby? I spend a few sad seconds thinking that people will, one day, look at her differently, but then I remember that it is my job to educate them on why she is still beautiful. I mean, Ryan is so skinny that at football I spend 1/2 the time making sure the other moms know I feed him, so really, it isn't any different, right? Instead of talking loudly to Mike about how much Ryan ate at dinner the night before, I will tell anyone who asks or looks curious that she has an extra chromosome and how it makes us love her even more. 

We have a busy few weeks coming up. We finally are going to meet with the DDD -can't for the life of me remember what it stands for, but it is the state program to get Ella her needed therapies. We want her therapy to begin by the time she is 12 weeks old, so we are anxious to get the meetings and paperwork out of the way so my little Ella Bella can get going on her strength training.  We have her big 2 month appointment next week and she better have gained weight and she finally sees the eye dr later this month.  Oh, it's also Reed's birthday soon and the little chunky boy wants a robot. See, we failed at Christmas and got him a robotic dinosaur, which, according to Reed, is NOTHING like a real robot. He wanted a real robot, that walks and talks and is white, so I am now on a massive hunt to find a real robot that is easy for a 4 year old to control. I tried at Christmas and came up with the Dinosaur robot, I can't fail again...

In parting I leave you with a picture of the boys.  Reed is going through a stage where he thinks smiling nice isn't cool....


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  1. Ha, this post made me giggle. Don't worry about crushing me, with Mary's quick thinking we were in the doorway. Until I refused to stay under there because I wanted to get up to you guys. sheesh... what a weekend! :)